Thank you, Mystery Man.

Tonight, as I was walking, I ran into Mystery Man. I believe that his tiny act of care is something to be admired.
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So the past few weeks have been interesting.
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To talk of many things.
Of thoughts and life and photographs,
Of memories and flings.
And why our minds forget a lot,
And what the future brings…

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This week was like a movie in my head. A movie that I watched a month ago. I remember parts of it, but more or less, it’s just a blur with a couple of screenshots.

Lots of pics in this one.
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Another rough week. Here’s some more photo-cheating.

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Two things in this post: Complaints and shameless promoting of myself. (Also, pictures to go along with each.)
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Roshambo-A hand game, used as a selection method. Used in popular culture to poke fun at players’ incompetence of understanding rules. Mischievous characters are often able to “win” by creating new objects to defeat the traditional ones. Involves strategy, chance, and deceit. ; A mind game.

Also one of my favourite songs by The Network. YouTube.

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